As promised here is a list of the prescription medication and supplements that I am currently using:

Metformin (currently $0.04/day) – 1000mg – x2 daily – These are prescribed for glucose control; my goal is to eliminate these completely.  Once my blood glucose levels are consistently below 100, I will start to phase out this medication.  06/2011 taking 1/2 tab in morning and 1/4 tab in evening for a total dosage of 750mg.

CitriMax – Active ingredients are HydroxCitric Acid (HCA) 1135mg and Chromium Picolinate 300mcg – x3 daily – These are supplements originally discovered for weight control, but then determined to have the potential for glucose control.  I have been taking these supplements for about 6 years, and I am convinced they have helped.  Still I would like to phase these out gradually as well.  Cut back by 2/3 on 05/29/2011. 06/06/2011 Eliminated

Alpha Lipoic Acid – 100mg – x3 daily –  Again, these are supplements originally discovered for weight control, but then determined to have the potential for glucose control.  I have been taking these for about 1 year, and I remain skeptical of the benefit over taking the Metformin and CitriMax.  I have a 2 month supply remaining, so what I will do is cut the dose by 1/3 and monitor the results.  I plan on doing at the 30-day point of my primal eating regimen.  Cut back by 2/3 on 05/29/2011. 06/06/2011 Eliminated

Multi-Vitamin (GNC Mega Mens or Mega Mens Sport) ($0.57/day) – x3 daily – Everybody should take a multi.  My preference is the GNC; my brother and I have been taking them for about 12 years.  We substituted with Centrum once when they were on sale, NEVER AGAIN!

Fish Oil ($0.57/day) – Active ingredients EPA 640mg and DHA 400mg – x3 daily – Supposedly effective in raising HDL cholesterol and lowering LDL.  I started taking it about 2 years ago and have seen no improvement.  Fortunately I have never had a problem with LDL levels or Triglycerides, but my HDL remains in the 30-40 range.  To boost the effectiveness, about 6 months ago I added…

Niacin ($0.18/day) – 500mg – x2 daily – Recommended by my MD and several reports on-line.  I’ll be have a cholesterol checked next month…results pending.

Aspirin ($0.03/day) – 500mg – x1 daily – Solely a preventative measure.  Carrying the excess weight as I have for so many years; it seems an appropriate precaution.

Relora ($0.55/day) – 250mg – x3 daily – I had my cortisol levels checked about 2 years ago; they were highly elevated.  The MD recommended a very expensive supplement, but I spoke with my friend at the health market, and he recommended Relora.  A subsequent check of my cortisol level after 6 months showed to be in the normal range.  I have never stopped taking them.

Vitamin C ($0.17/day) – 1000mg – x3 daily – I believe vitamin C supplements are appropriate for everyone.

Vitamin D3 ($0.23/day) – 5000IU – x3 daily – This is the current rage; it is believe necessary for cell regeneration and to promote overall health.  GNC added this to the MegaMens Multi, so I don’t need the individual supplement 🙂

Saw Palmetto ($0.25/day) – 540mg – x3 daily – I had a kidney/urinary tract infection about 2 years ago.  My MD prescribed antibiotics and Saw Palmetto.  After running the course of antibiotics, I continued taking the Saw Palmetto supplement for prostate health.  I haven’t had a urinary tract problem since.

La Leche de Alpiste x2 daily – I started drinking this mix last week at the urging of my girlfriend; it is supposed to promote general health, weight loss and blood glucose control.  I promised I would try it for 1 month, as it is relatively expensive, and not readily available.  I noticed no changes whatsoever while taking it or after I stopped…snake oil.

Total spent on medications/supplements is approximately $2.37/day or $71/month, plus whatever I spend on whey protein.