Blood Glucose – fasting – 9:00am – 76, 49th day in a row below 100..

Daily Workout – Chest, Biceps,  Stationary bike

Fasting today.

Overall I’m feeling pretty strong, I didn’t sleep last night; the following dream occurred when I finally did sleep in the post-dawn hours.

Last night’s weirdness…Tracy Morgan (from SNL and 30 Rock) and a female accomplice (unknown) broke into my Grandmother’s house, as they were trying to get away in a small sports car, they had to stop, and I managed to lift/flip the car over onto it’s convertible top (wow).  This seemed to anger Tracy a bit, so he (armed with what appeared to be a 50 Desert Eagle) chased me into the house.  I couldn’t find the rounds for my 357 magnum (which is always loaded), so I shot him twice in the head with a snub-nosed 38 (which I don’t even possess)…seems like a brain dump from the recent Osama madness…why Tracy Morgan?  Also present were my aunt, uncle, mom, brother, sister-in-law and their daughter….major weirdness, or primal madness?