Blood Glucose – fasting – 9:00am – 82, 75th day in a row below 100….metformin: 1/2 tab morning, 1/4 tab evening :) Got the lab results back from the doc today; he was amazed at the a1c value of <5.  He asked if I was taking the metformin, and was more amazed when I told him I had cut the dosage in half.  I am further convinced that Type II Diabetes is simply a lifestyle disease, and it is preventable and/or curable for most people.

Daily Workout – Shoulders, Biceps, Stationary bike…Also had my first boxing lesson tonight, shoulders and lower back are really tight, but it was a blast

Snack: Dill pickle and piece of jerky; Post-workout: Protein shake; Post-workout: Protein shake.

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