Blood Glucose – not fasting – 9:00am – 81;  metformin dosages 1/2 tab this morning and a 1/2 tab this evening

Daily Workout – Back; Stationary bike, stationary bike, boxing, triceps, chin-ups, stationary bike.

Pre-workout:  Protein shake EAS premix; Post-workout: Protein shake w/strawberries and pecans; Lunch: Egg salad w/tossed green salad; Post workout: Protein shake w/strawberries and pecans; Snack: popsicle, 2 dill pickles and 1/4 cup pecans.

WOW… I have made it to 100 days; I feel stronger, more alert and almost never hungry.  I still have the desire to eat, and I miss the bread, pasta and rice, but I am controlling my cravings with very little effort or regret.  Worn out this afternoon.

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