Day Level Metformin
Today 79 250mg – 500mg
Thursday 93 500mg – 500mg
Wednesday 86 500mg – 500mg
Tuesday 95 500mg – 500mg
Monday 86 500mg – 500mg
Sunday 79 500mg – 500mg
Saturday 81 500mg – 500mg

Daily Workout – Back (heavy) and stationary bike; biceps, push-ups and stationary bike.

Pre-workout: Protein shake w/pineapple, flax seed and cinnamon; Post-workout: Protein shake w/flax seed and cinnamon; Lunch: 3 oz. salmon and salad; Pre-workout: Protein shake w/pineapple, cinnamon and flax seeds; Post-workout: Protein shake w/cinnamon and flax seeds; Snack: 3 oz. beef jerky.

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