***** Update #5: Tuesday, November 15, 2011: *****

This post is a summary of my current condition and treatments (undergoing and potential) as it relates to my left foot:

  • I have a condition called Charcot
  • in the foot; this condition is not curable; however it is treatable.

  • I have an open wound on the bottom of my foot at ball of the second toe; this wound has exposed the bone to possible infection. The IV antibiotics has killed the infection in the soft tissue, but it remains unclear if the infection has entered or is still in the bone.
  • The downward pressure of the bone (due to the Charcot) is inhibiting the healing of the wound; thus increasing the potential for additional infections once the IV antibiotic treatment is completed.

So in summary, a different course of action is required, both in the short-term (for healing the wound) and in the long-term for treating the Charcot and reducing the potential for additional inflammation / infection due to bone instability/movement.

So, what am I going to do? After conferring with the 3 doctors, I have decided to have surgery to remove a section of bone from my foot. I expect to schedule this for as soon as possible after Thanksgiving. While recovering I won’t be able to put any weight on the foot … No workouts for awhile, and never deadlift again.

After I heal from that surgery, we’ll again discuss the remaining options for the foot; though none appear very good, there will be reduced urgency.

Que sera sera.



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